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On the eve of Environmental day, we , the Institution of Green Engineers (IGEN) are planning for World's first Lockdown ENVIRONTHON'- 20 Countries/2000 Students/20000 participants from around the world /08.07.2020 non-stop eye-opener events. It gives us great pleasure to inform you that we are organizing ENVIRONTHON'20 (Drawing/Elocution/Online competition - Popular lecture series, Technical debate, insight on Green Technology and Need of the hour, nontechnical events) on 8th, August 2020, in association with Institution of Engineers, India, Tiruvallur. In this regard we aim to provide a forum for global speakers interacting with the concerned industry experts and environmental organizations to debate and share their views on climate change and our responsibilities in countering that change in India. We look forward for your contribution towards the success of this ENVIRONTHON'20 by participating in the event. Please share our website to your friends or colleagues. Thank you. Please share our website to your friends or collegues. Thank you.

World Environment Day 2020

Biodiversity describes the variety of life on Earth. It encompasses the 8 million species on the planet–from plants and animals to fungi and bacteria; the ecosystems that house them; and the genetic diversity among them. Biodiversity may be seen as an intricate web, in which each part is interdependent. When one component is changed–or removed–the entire system is affected, and this can produce positive–or negative–consequences.

Unique & Creative Ideas

Experts from both National & International -to explore the technology impact on rapid urbanization, the transport and electricity sectors which play an undeniable role in the day-to-day aspects of life. 1. Photography 2. Elocution 3. Drawing competiton

Effective Team Work

Team who works on Green initiative - Green9, Varun Aditya Foundation, EWB, Institution of Engineers India, Tiruvallur , Power Projects & Agatiam Trust.

Expectation of ENVIRONTHON'20

By adopting clean energy and clean transportation, we as global citizens should work toward minimizing the impact of the factors that contribute to climate change.

Energy to all is the goal of SDG goal of United Nations, Marking the boundaries of the countries doesn't mean, energy is restricted to one country, technology sharing and usage of green energy will pave the way for reduction in carbon emissions

Luxury is the cause for energy depletion is a myth means, try to work for plan of action - Energy conservation - use less for the actual usage with efficient source

Technology towards conservation has paved the way to think about the future. Let us join together for a common cause that should stop this menace

Let us carve the history with the saying that Human are the only species that have ever worked for the conservation of Energy resoruces and it never had the intention to deplete the resources

Our Experts

Experts who works for the SDG goals 7 & 13 on the area of Energy


Founder, President/IGEN




Founder, President/EWB


Managing Director, Power Projects


Professor,Veltech Multitech DR RR SR Engineering college

Dr.Suresh Seetharaman

Dean/Student Affairs, KIT-KalaignarKarunanidhi Institute of Technology

Er.Subatra Rajendren

Founder Chairman/Varun Aditya Foundation

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